Tuition Fees

Warrington Martial Arts Studio operates as a National hub for individuals intent on training to completion inside the Wing Chun system. Most of our students have a background in Wing Chun or another Martial Art and made the jump to the Studio to gain additional understanding and proficiency. It is very common to hit a glass ceiling in Martial Arts due to a teacher’s individual understanding and competency.

Many of the students here already held high grades from other Wing Chun schools, who felt that the training environment, teaching and training method at the Warrington Martial Arts Studio was a better fit for them as individuals. Currently, roughly 50% of enrollment is National or International, with students traveling to Warrington to train with Sifu John on a regular basis to provide them, a brand new skill set with a view to mastering this system of Martial Arts. Mastering Kung Fu is about time invested, therefore rates for training are balanced and reasonable to ensure everybody has the opportunity to invest the time required to produce qualified skillmanship.

Training Fees for public classes are paid upfront on a monthly basis, and split into three categories:

  • White: 5 two hour public classes per month @ £60 (top up additional class @ £15)
  • Purple: 10 two hour public classes per month @ £85 (top up additional class @ £10)
  • Gold: Unlimited access to all classes. (15 classes per month) @ £100 (20 classes per month incl. senior class once grade attained)

New entrants for public classes are welcome in the first week of any given month.

You just need to send Sifu John a quick email at: or telephone him on 07725267952 so he is aware of your arrival.

The first two hour lesson is charged at £10.

After seven days, one of the following monthly options is to be selected and paid in full.

After the first month of tuition, a membership form will be completed including student insurance at the rate of £50, this includes a club t- shirt and ensures you are safe to train.

All monthly tuition payments thereafter are to be made via standing order.
Private tuition is paid cash on the day.

Monthly Classes

There are three public group classes for all grades including beginners held each week:

Mon: 19:00 – 21:00
Thu: 19:00 – 2100
Sat: 11:00 – 13:00

There is an additional public slot for senior (Level 2) grades
Wed 19:00 – 21:00

The Level 2 slot may only be accessed by students if they are partaking in at least one other public class or are training weekly on a private basis with Sifu John.

Pay Monthly Group Classes are split into three bands:

  • White: 5 two hour public classes per month @ £60 (top up additional class @ £15)
  • Purple: 10 two hour public classes per month @ £85 (top up additional class @ £10)
  • Gold: Unlimited access to all classes. (15 classes per month) @ £100 (20 classes per month incl. senior class once grade attained)

Local Private Tuition

(inside 30 square mile radius inc. Manchester, Liverpool & Chester).

  • Single Hour: £35 Per Person
  • Two Hour Slot: £70 Per Person
  • Four Hour Day: £120 Per Person

Students mixing Public classes and Private tuition are permitted to book a single hour of private tuition in addition to their regular training whenever they like.

Students wishing to train on a private basis only, must be booking a minimum of six hours per month to gain training slots. This is with consideration to an individual’s personal rate of development. Based on the requirements of this Martial Art, without investing a minimum of six hours monthly, it is impossible to increase your skill within a sensible timeframe and to a satisfactory standard.

Private Tuition for National & International Students

As National & International students travel a great distance to train, it was imperative that with travel costs and availability in mind, that they could access the gym on a regular basis, and that each grade was affordable and offset against their commitment and travel fees.

These upfront course fees are also open to local students too, they cover all public lessons and a variety of private slots through the week with no additional charge based on availability.

Students pay a set fee to complete a Level with no set time frame and no additional fee. The only stipulation is that they are present at least eight hours per month (usually two full days or a full day and two classes/a seminar) so that a rate of progression may be achieved as an acceptable standard.

For International students, it is advised when booking that you book a block of four days with advance notice on each individual occasion. You are required to make a minimum of three visits per year. It is helpful (but not imperative) that there are two of you, so that you have a training partner to maintain your practice with back in your country of origin.

Entry to Level 1,2 & 3 for all students is granted after completion of a foundation module. During the foundation course, you are assessed against your ability to absorb information and your personal rate of physical improvement over a four day period. This is to ensure that the course will suit your learning capabilities. It is not for everybody, and is only offered to individuals who show a reasonable degree of retention.

Usually, this course is offered to existing Martial Artists, however, we have had musicians, chefs and sportsmen, who have no existing Martial Arts experience, who have accessed the course and done exceptionally well. Everybody is welcome to apply.

National & International Student Access

4/12 days study @ £120 per day.

Following successful completion of the foundation module, you will be invited to invest in the Level One course. This is the first segment of a set of three courses designed to elevate you to the level of Sifu/Coach/Teacher. This is an internationally recognised grade as part of the Ip Man/Wong Shun Leung/Gary Lam/John Lobb lineage. Level Three could be perceived as a PhD in Kung Fu.
On completion of these Levels, you would be in a position to teach, though teaching would remain entirely your choice.

Many students are equally interested in achieving the highest proficiency in Martial Arts solely for their personal gratification and self-development. We support all individuals in their Martial journey, no matter their end goal, teaching is always a choice.

Level One:
Call 07725267952 for prices

  • All Open Hand Forms
  • Wooden Dummy
  • Comprehensive Hand Skills & Chi Sau

Level Two:
Call 07725267952 for prices
(average of three years)

  • Pole Form
  • Pole Application
  • Control Centre
  • Breaking Balance/Breaking Power Point
  • Chi Gerk
  • Enhanced Chi Sau
  • Pressurised Mask Work (demonstrating all skills).

Level Three:
Call 07725267952 for prices
(No timeframe after basic completion. – lifetime endeavour)

  • Double Knife Forms
  • Double Knife Application
  • Double Knife Freehand
  • Continued Refinement of Hand Foot & Stick Skill

Warrington Martial Arts Studio is a full time gym, catering to private student requirements Mon – Sat between 11:00 – 21:00.

Please call for availability and times 07725267952

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