Training Partners

Learning Wing Chun requires co-operation from two individuals. Non-competitive drill work is necessary with friendly, assistive training partners, so time and attention can be spent focusing on attributes and pressure states that would appear in a non-compliant and potentially dangerous situation, (if you were to use this Martial Art in the context of the design). Culture in a Martial Arts school can either create a wonderful learning environment with a comfort and openness that promotes learning and fun, or it can create a selfish, competitive mess, which fosters secrecy and a lack of respect amongst its practitioners.

Warrington Martial Arts Studio has many members who have been involved in Martial Arts for over a decade. Many of its members are past or active coaches in other Martial Arts. There is too much passion and work to be done, and too many professional attitudes here, for individuals to be hindered by immature attitudes that do not conform to the schools ethos of learning and improving unanimously. Therefore, individual characters are vetted and anybody seen to be disruptive to the cohesion of the group and unwilling to contribute to the learning and improvement of others is removed. This school prides its self on the fact that it is a family.

We train happily with one another and look forward to our time together in each other’s company, as well as inviting new personalities into a safe and friendly environment where they can work constructively on becoming the best version of themselves they can be. We run monthly in-house seminars, where practitioners from the school come together for training from all corners of the British Isles as well as members from France and Greece and occasional International guests from Germany, Canada, USA, Taiwan etc. We eat together Birthdays & Christmas, and there have been regular trips to California to visit my teacher (Sifu Gary Lam), which double up as short holidays for the group where we can hang out and have an enjoyable time practicing Kung Fu, mountain climbing, kayaking and socialising in a fresh outdoor location. The best thing about belonging to a Kung Fu school is finding an affinity with like-minded individuals who share a common interest and goal. A family.

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