Skilled Practitioners

When learning a Martial Art that involves direct pressure to produce modification and advantage, it is important that there are a number of senior students on the ground to assist with teaching. Warrington Martial Arts Studio was established in 2008. We are lucky in that over the last few years, the school has gained a global reputation of excellence via its overseas exchange activities, national seminars, and video activity showcasing Wing Chun as a modern, robust, practical fighting system. As a result, the studio boasts a high number of National & International students, (roughly 50% of its enrollment), bringing a number of highly qualified senior Martial Artists together under one roof. Many of the practitioners have been training at other Martial Arts gyms for over a decade.

Most enrolled students had at least a five year background in another form of Wing Chun. There are a number of individuals here with backgrounds in other disciplines that exceed 25+ years, and one who has been dedicated to Martial training for over 35 years. Other disciplines studied by individuals include, Boxing, BJJ, Catch Wrestling, San Da, Northern Shaolin Kung Fu, Tai Chi, MMA, Karate, Taekwando, Karate, Judo, Xing Yi, and Thai Boxing.

Some students are dedicated coaches in these Martial Arts and have been exceedingly successful as both students and teachers in their own right. There is a wealth and breadth of Martial experience operating at this location for the improvement and betterment of all students. Everybody brings something unique to the table to aid perspective and learning.

Most importantly, as a collective regardless of whether you have previous Martial Arts experience or not, you exist in an environment packed with skill and experience at your disposal, which operates to help you improve at the fastest rate possible.

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