Wing Chun is a refined body skill. It is a technical practice. In the Martial World, it is about as ‘Hi Tech’ as it gets. It requires a lot of comprehension and patience as well as subtle alteration of the body via coaching, until postures and attributes become physical habits. The majority of training involves set drill patterns between two individuals which are low impact and of minimal risk to participants.This helps to maintain concentration, and provides the students an opportunity to think about what they are doing to help them refine their skill. Later, the opportunity to increase pressure and risk becomes an option. It is a personal choice for practitioners and pressure is pre-agreed between two individuals prior to engagement.

Because Wing Chun is a Combative Art designed to finish violently in minimal time frame, the focus of highly pressurised exchange is quite different to the majority of Martial Arts which use combative exchange in a competitive arena or sport basis. In Wing Chun, the ideal is to develop habits that have the capacity to quell violence with violence almost immediately. If MMA was the 1,500 meters, Wing Chun would be a 100m sprint. On average, students at Warrington Martial Arts Studio must complete a minimum of twelve months training to instill safe habits concerning their framework and movement prior to engaging with sensible force.

All contact work is administered with protective equipment, injury is extremely rare, and is usually something minor like bruised knuckles or a pulled muscle. If you are interested to see some of our combat work, it is documented on video embedded in this website and also available on our YouTube and Facebook page. You will see varying degrees of skill and pressure between participants. You will also notice unique equipment utilised for individual safety so that, if you are interested in experimenting with the Wing Chun system under pressure that resembles real time violence, you can be secure in the knowledge that you are operating in a manner that is as safe as we can make it minimising risk to yourself and your partner.

As previously mentioned, although there are a multitude of benefits attached to highly pressurised training, it remains the individual’s choice. Some of our students have pre-existing conditions that make this type of training inappropriate. Your medical history and status as well as your age and disposition are all taken into account, leaving this aspect of the training at the discretion of both the student and instructor.

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