National Seminars & Overseas Travel

This school is a family that enjoys time together. We are part of the wider Wong Shun Leung Wing Chun Kung Fu community. (Wong Shun Leung was the most famous fighter belonging to IP Mans school, and mentor to Bruce Lee, as well as Sifu Gary Lams Instructor for sixteen years). We regularly host Sifu Gary here in Warrington, usually once a year. This is an opportunity for practitioners from far and wide to refine and share their skill, under the guidance of a world authority in this form of Martial Art.

Sifu John also runs a monthly seminar event for the students of his school, bringing all the local and national students together to address set topics on an intensive basis. He also visits London on a regular basis to deliver Seminars hosted by his students. There are events to promote exchange between schools within the lineage that take place inside and outside of the UK. In the past they have been held in Hong Kong and North America. We like to show our support of these endeavours as well as running our own overseas Kung Fu retreats in California and other destinations.

This is something we will continue to do as team building exercises and also an opportunity for the group to come together and train intensively over a period of days. They are always tons of fun and a good way to improve the relationships and skill within the school.

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